Cellebrate Positivty!

Cellebrate Positivity!
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May 24, 2010
Breakout of the old cells that are holding back positivity. Nothing changes without you moving in a new direction and letting go of ‘blocks’! Here’s a 6 minute meditation that is a breakout from old gnarly negatives: Sit, stand, or lie down comfortably. Ten times breath in and out (maybe extend each of fingers to keep count of a full ‘in and out breath’). Three breathing steps plus ‘new input’ to replace the old.

Step one (do this for a trial before adding input – optional) -close your eyes, take a deep, deep slow breath (mouth closed throughout) expanding the chest while bringing in ‘all’ the air from the belly until there is no more air left. Then STOP! Hold the breath! Hold it for as long as you can ….and longer! Remember when you were a kid, and you’d hold your breath to see if you could die? You didn’t, and won’t! When it’s no longer possible to hold the breath, slowly let it go. Completely breath out totally emptying it. Then STOP and hold it for as long as possible. Repeat the cycle perhaps ten times.

Now do it, and add an ‘input reprogramming injection’ of a life changing behavior mantra. That behavior could be ‘laughing more; being more aware; releasing negativity; opening the heart, quitting smoking, and on an on. Start by using one idea, ‘positivity and becoming more positive in your life’. Using the word ‘positive’, be flexibly creative, and silently say something like this all during the ‘mantra meditation’: ‘I’m becoming more and more positive, I am positive, I’m moving into positivity, becoming more and more positive, feeling positive, being positive  – on and on. Not necessarily repeating exactly in that order but keeping the focus on the feeling or issue you want to address.

Start the practice for a week, and longer if it feels right, once or more per day. Meditation should be fun! After doing this remain relaxed lying or sitting down with eyes closed and just watching whatever comes up. Let an inner smile come up!

As time goes on, do the technique with different words and images such as those mentioned, or ‘be happy’, or moving into deeper and deeper love, etc. Prayer is ‘affirmation of the positive’. Think of it as a prayer/meditation! Enjoy!


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