Why Am I Here?

WHY am I Here?

Taboo Tenente: A Thinker's MFA Journey by tabootenente.

May 20, 2010
Perhaps you are here to ask why you are here, and then forget about it and get on with life one step at a time (called‘incrementalism’). In reality, nobody knows why they are here! There is no way to know it, and it doesn’t really matter. Now, if you don’t mind, it don’t matter! The ‘why’ is non ending, and if not let go of, becomes a disease of the mind. The ‘why’ is a ridiculous pursuit much like ‘who created the world? And again, ‘why’?

Rather then lament over ‘why you are here’ focus on ‘since I’m here, how can I make the best of my life and then give back to others struggling to get their ‘head above water’. It is better to look at it as an opportunity to flower and experience all the inner growth possible. Start enjoying life to the fullest and the thoughts of ‘why’ will disappear.  The question is of the intellect, the answer is in the experiencing or existential. Those living a positive, enjoyable life are not concerned with stupid, mind, unanswerable questions.

A good use of time is always a virtue, so why waste the short time on earth ‘postulating what a god couldn’t even have an answer for?  The sad state of most on earth is to be too busy, in their own mind, to seek natures fruits within, instead opting to ‘window shop’ and then spend the rest of precious time talking with other window shoppers about your opinions. ‘Window shopping’ done in moderation is fine, but obsessing over watching sports, movies and whatever is something a dog could do but will elect not to.

As soon as one decides that God created the world, then the question arises ‘who created god’, and on and on. Paradoxically, when you stop the questioning, the answer comes! Go on questioning and the answer becomes more and more elusive.  The real, and only ‘why question’ is ‘who am I’?  That can be answered by digging deep inside for love of self for the answer with no words.  You can feel who you are!  All questions of ‘why’ with no answers will disappear as the enjoyment of life and love become existential! Who are you, not ‘who do you think you are, keeps one from maybe going ‘crazy’!

Instead of ‘Why’s, focus instead on ‘how’! How do I love myself more, and how do I experience love completely with another? That will keep you busy ‘productively’, and for the betterment of all concerned, even in the world. Godliness at work!


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