No Communicate/NO Love

No Communicate/NO Love
no time for love by .shann.
May 21, 2010
Houston …We have a problem! You are not a ‘restricted area’, nor is the other! The mind and heart are there for a reason – ‘believe it or not’! They are part of you to communicate fully, and uninhibitedly, both with yourself and with another, or there is NO possibility of any quantifiable love arising!   Everyone is someone else unless communication happens, and the acceptance of the possibility of both your inner growth or change, and theirs. Without unbridled communication one cannot really know the other let alone oneself.

Love needs ‘freedom’. The ‘freedom’ of expression, communication, and acceptance of who one and the other is. Silence is golden, but not in the face of closing fences that keep thoughts and feelings making one into a sheep where the ‘wolves of omissions of communications’ are left to spoil love that so needs the freshness of complete attention. Get to know who you come close to in love as soon as possible before getting involved deeper.  If communication is bad, it becomes more difficult to remove oneself.  Everyone is the same beautiful person inside, but lives are often lived on the surface burying the ‘opening’ so much that, baring an extreme make over, one will never find out who they are really with, ever.

Be rich in every aspect of oneself by keeping open to all that which engenders the free flowing of thoughts and feelings. Have no fears, with eyes, mind and heart wide open while being receptive to knowing the other as oneself. Each is the other, but for circumstances that have given each a uniqueness which makes life dynamic and interesting.  Always know that beneath the exterior, is an individual like you, filled with the same capacity of love to be nurtured and to give nurturing to another.

The average person lives behind closed bars that only reveal glimpses of who they are. Once someone knows who they really are, the secret of seeing that we are all the same but for ‘denial of that’, opens one to hidden mysteries of life that were always there but for the willingness to see. The clash of the divisions between suppression of knowledge and information versus openness to the facts and truth must be bridged for positive growth. That clash happens in the world with religions, politics, and corporations controlling what can be heard by everyone, leading all the way to those involved to each other with ‘selected  communication’. Let go, and be open to communicating with the energy of the heart! Arhata

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