Muslim Miss America

Muslim Miss America
Arab-Americans react with delight to Lebanese-American Miss USA

Rima Fakih Pole Dancing: Miss America 2010 Winner Pole Dancing Photos from Mojo in the Morning:

May 18, 2010
Positive, evolving Muslims need one of their own to break centuries of female abuse in the Islamic culture. America has a president of Muslim origin and a Muslim Miss America, Rima Fakih, born in Southern Lebanon and a naturalized American citizen living in Michigan. is ‘freedom’s choice! Rima’s gift displayed in the pageant, was ‘pole dancing’ reminding us of the Middle East’s fame for ‘belly dancers’.  The Arab-American beauty brings hope and excitement to culturally oppressed women throughout most of the world. The waking up of the feminine energy of the dark male millenniums is the dawn breaking into hopefully a more perfect, peaceful world.

Billions of women every where are awakening as the sleeping beauties whose lives have been endlessly muffled. Of particular note, since the recent beginning of this century and the advent of the internet’s popular usage, is the realization of both poverty, ignorance, and intolerance of all peoples, especially falling hard on females. Particular focus has been on the Islamic culture and it’s not only seemingly endless suicide ‘jihad bombers’, but the ever increasing stories of punishments of females for breaking the interpreted dictums of the prophet Mohammed’s revelations from Allah.

In much of Muslim culture, men may marry a girl of 9 and sometimes earlier, certainly a custom of early primitive man that meets no standards of ethics in the 21st century. Multiple marriage to more than one female at the same time is allowed – never the reverse of females with several husbands! Both of course, are highly questionable. Millions of women have faced forced ‘genital mutilation’ to keep them from the pleasures that men have. Millions of women are ostracized if they don’t wear ‘coverings’ over their head even taking the form of what’s called ‘burkas’ that cover the face and whole body! The list of atrocious  demands on women goes on and on.

Hundreds of millions of Muslims we most hear about, (the conservative ones), will have their moment of rancorous dissatisfaction and condemnations, but the more evolved, liberal minority will have a tremendous boost for others coming into a more enlightened, spiritual 21st century.  Awakening to truths can be painful for those are ‘hard wired’ into ancient beliefs, and not realizing that all the outdated holy books of centuries past have been replaced by scientific research discounting the existence of the ‘holy book characters’, and with more realistic, positive answers for a more individual and societal paradigm shift change.  It’s time to strip away all the dead, useless rituals and practices of the past and awaken to a better life. Time to take off the masks, or burkas and let others love what’s inside!

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