Business Marriage

Business Marriage

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Good Fairy
May 22, 2010
Love doesn’t happen from a ‘good fairy’! Love is not a ‘business deal!

Perhaps it took hold in the ’70’s during the flooding emancipation of the female in the work place?! Today this phenomenon of two incomes builds unheard of equity with a few million in the US. Love and ‘business marriages’ go together, well like these new ‘mega houses, Summer homes, and two or three Mercedes/BMW’s, Wall St investments and, like as ex girlfriend’s father, 50 houses that he rents out in Houston, Texas.

From what I’ve generally seen, these ‘partnerships’ are the new ‘love’ mirroring success. Use to be before the mid ‘70s, when women began pouring into the corporate world gradually with one college degree or another, that men would marry their secretaries and assistants. As the ’80’s came tens of thousands of the ‘new couples’ emerged into ‘merging’ with ‘mega incomes’ out of college, largely in the area of ‘finance’, attorneys, doctors, and so forth. To the average citizen, it wasn’t that visible, particularly in ‘middle America’. Now, it’s ‘significantly’ more visible!

The ‘merging of incomes’ has tended to make ‘marriage for acquisitions’ very appealing in achieving the American dream. The average American can only pass by these ‘mega homes’ by the hundreds of thousands, and commiserate over ‘why not me’!  A beautiful, gargantuan, expensive home does not represent a high level of love that occupies it. While living in Los Angeles for many years and having some association with the real estate market, while meeting thousands, I became particularly aware that mostly it was ‘image’. Often I saw couples who were keeping things together by ‘rubber bands, deception to each other, greed, frequent drug or alcohol addictions, cheating, and —-well, not what their beautiful homes would seem to indicate.

People having ‘the American Dream’ (which really means ‘living in a dream world’ or fantasy wishes) have discovered that ‘mega love and mega acquisitions’ don’t go together as pitched by the ‘dream sellers’, so they too can live in fancy boxes and travel 8 blocks to the store that can be walked to, biked to, or bused to.  Within 6 blocks of where I live, there are dozens of ‘dream mega homes’ with no one around them but the hired gardeners. Given a choice, (and having both is highly unlikely), between a ‘business marriage’ and the ‘freedom that real love brings’, well, choose …. very rarely do both choices get handed out! Be careful of meditating though, meditators loose interest in ‘sellers dreams’ instead living in self love and giving to others without needing a tax write off! It’s called, living the dream of love, and building mansions within!


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