Defense is ‘Offense’

Defense is ‘Offense’!
BamBang.jpgMay 19, 2010
Wham – Bam, it’s time to awaken from a slumber! A drunk will usually defend his state as ‘I’m not drunk’!  A breathalyzer will determine ones ‘drunken state’ regardless of the denial of ego.  To be drunk is to be in an unconscious state of unawareness of the truth and responsibility for it, electing instead to take the offense as a defense for an ‘offence of consciousness’. To be in denial of truth is a ‘state of drunkenness’ that is self perpetuating. Bad habits that one won’t acknowledge whether it be something simple like being a poor communicator with openness, a ‘parrot of religious scripture’, or just a person of offensive habits that does’t consider the effect on others, it’s still a type of ‘drunkenness’.

There are no ‘breathalyzers’ for behaviors that one doesn’t take responsibility for except either ones acceptance and correction of them, or hearing someones pointing them out.  People’s general behavior on a personal level is rarely one that doesn’t need observation and change for harmony, or collaboration with another. One bad habit usually has a family of many other bad habits that are addicted to.  Insensitivity to see and correct any ‘rouge’ behavior, or to even refuse to see anything as offensive to another is to clearly display an ‘offense to consciousness and self love’.

An offense to defend an ‘offence’ to someone else is a sign of early Alzheimer’s or a loss of hearing that stores a memory which can access itself for a new replacement habit! I’ve witnessed innumerable people who I’ve known for years, (in the family, for a life time), who relentlessly repeat strange behaviors and thinking that they refuse to drop even though the ‘birds in the trees see the advantages!

I have one delightful friend who periodically invites me to tell him what he doesn’t know or needs to know about himself to exhibit more consciousness – a real breath of fresh air and makes me wonder why there are so many who cling to manifestations that serve no evolution of daily living, or spiritual growth. Spiritual growth means an openness to accept new and better ways to rise into a higher and higher consciousness. Can’t stand a little noise, smells, sights, or even bad habits of others? Might just be a personal ‘bad habit’ that needs to ‘reboot itself’ for a sense of humor that we all have but forget to use!

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