Communication Whacked

Communication Whacked
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May 17, 2010
Seeing in the dark is for some like communicating through the darkness of fears, ignorance and ego. Few can communicate about themselves. Communicating about ‘things’ is a lower level of communication compared to being open about life, love and oneself. It’s not uncommon to find people who ‘loop or can only repeat’ information that is about the outside world with nothing more. A deep communion with oneself is necessary to be able to relate to another on a meaningful level.

Ambition, success, or any attachment to all worldly endeavors or things without loving oneself, is to only exist as a body occupied by a shallow mind.  The ‘outer’ will never meet an inner that lives on the surface. Experiences unexamined are like ‘window shopping through life’. ‘One way’ talk without the sensitivity to know that the other is participating voluntarily is a habit of those who like to use others to hear themselves while assuming the other wants to hear it. This type of ‘chatterbox’ is full of himself with ignorance, fear and a complete lack of ‘communication skills’.

Communication flows when two meet interdependently for the success of an opportunity to have a dialog. One way talk is an affront to the listener who likely is too polite to correct the uncomfortable situation for concern of hurting the others feelings.  With exceptions, I let everyone know that I communicate with the intent of it being on a spiritual or conscious level (joking aside). Two need to be open to a spoken or non spoken agreement to the terms of ‘communication’. Putting unresolved head/emotional junk on another’s plate without ‘owning it to the other’ is to be a ‘molester of conversation and communication’.

I’ve never met another who wouldn’t like to improve their inner being, but rarely one who is serious about communication and dialog on the subject ‘without walls’ of fear and a complete openness. The ‘masks of fear’ are everywhere to hide the real truths even from oneself. Masks attempting to communicate with other masks is to avoid meeting more than the mask. It’s exciting to see what mysteries and wonderments hide inside to evoke infinite love. With awareness and openness, communication blossoms.

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