Angry Males

Angry Males
Anger Management (2003) by Nadaone2.
May 16, 2010
All over the animal world, there are angry males.  Males who’ve been abused transfer to  others without compassion. The world suffers from turmoil because of male hatred and ignorance. There are two forces that have usurped the world and hopefully with be met by a balance of male and female energy. Those two ugly forces are politics and religion, led by male domination and control to satisfy immature ego needs.  Someone once said, “men are hunks of flesh hanging from a dick’. I would add, ‘with a wallet’. The negative has a major spoiling effect on the positive.

Doing ‘free speech’ before millions for over 15 years, I can attest to the fact that females are as negative as males but usually less apt to express physical violence. This ‘female anger’ is good, as with any male, when it comes from the conscious heart and is not directed at physical abuse. Anger is a good form of release when done with consciousness to clear the moment, or of suppressed emotions. Always anger with compassion for others coupled with a sense of humor, even if a bit hidden from view can be positive.

Anger like most things, is a double edged sword. A knife can be used for utilitarian purposes or for destructive means. Anger can be like a squeaking wheel that needs grease for attention to move smoothly. Anger is often the mind crying out for more balance of loving energy to eliminate ‘self hatred and anger’. Soothing words likely are not enough to quell what has become a rusty wheel.  Love is not always easily accessible to the ‘angry person’ and some form of technique is necessary to change the vibration of unconscious discomfort. That technique may range from running to laughter to anything that quiets the mind and opens the balanced heart.

Even an ‘anger meditation’ where one is allowed to cathart stored negative emotions by screaming for minutes or yelling ‘insanities’ in the air can wear out the tensions followed by silent moments with eyes closed of just witnessing whatever comes up on the minds movie screen. Installing a new sense of being is a new beginning that if repeated enough over time will begin to change one’s inner culture to a greater state of clarity and bliss. Rising to a new level of experience within may be ‘angers opportunity’ doorway to see who you really are! It’s not too late to ‘reboot’ positivity!


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