Seduction of Intelligence

Seduction of Intelligence

May 13, 2010
The intellect is ‘needy’, insatiably so. Man is an island unto himself who falters at the intelligence of a woman in her awakened heart.  Men rarely reach their prime but in their mind of self deception. Fortunately for them (?), women continue to be extensions of their whims and purported needs worldwide. The ‘’slavery’ of women is the greatest suppressed secret in the world. Their ‘jailers’ are men with no clue that they are the ‘devil in disguise’! Men generally are ‘awake’ in their genitals and self serving minds with women as the elusive main course.

I have occasionally been accused of ‘word seduction’ of females who seem to be prisoners of love without freedom.  Now ‘freedom’ is a relative word with lots of smoke and mirrors. The ‘freedom’ I refer to is that which nurtures a deep self love and it’s manifestation with another.  The mind is incapable of seducing intelligence without an open heart. Intellectual intelligence is an ‘oxymoron’! The intellect at best, can only be 1/2 intelligent and yet the word ‘intelligence’ is used as a cover for otherwise ‘sub intelligence’ that parades it’s intellect as intelligence.

Man is the beleaguered, blinded suitor of love. Looking for love within the deserts of  ‘ego mind’ is an unconscious ‘suicide of love’s peaks’. Fame and fortune are illusory and have ‘nothing’ to do with love’s blossoming through the seasons of life and it’s challenges. Love is like a fog on a dark night hiding the true beauty of it’s magnificence in the freedoms of the light of day. Love is shy and hides even from itself let alone another. Love itself is seduced by love’s heart. Fears of love are seduced by the needy mind willing to accept any semblance of love’s enticements.

Self love can be a ‘trick of the mind’ that seeks to be one for all to see. The mind can be a warrior to fight off the challenges of love opting instead to be in denial due to a ‘fear of love and closeness’. Intellect seeks to vilify itself unconsciously while denying the importance of the heart as the most important aspect of a ‘spiritual life of love’.  Unrequited love is a lonely love that suffers in it’s loss of what it gives but doesn’t receive. To love an intellect is to not really experience the many facets of love’s emotional intelligence. The mind cannot hold on to the essence of love. Love’s protection is to always find the love within itself!


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