Intellect is Not Intelligence

Intellect is NOT Intelligence

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May 14, 2010
Half intelligent is not intelligent. Being intellectual rarely is enough to be half intelligent. IQ’s do not measure intelligence but ‘intellect’. Everyone has a certain level of both intellect and intelligence. That doesn’t make either an applicable ‘moniker’ to apply to anyone. Rarely are people really with either one but somewhat.  A 140 IQ might mean ‘genius’ by some standards but likely doesn’t make one intelligent if considering factors like ‘inner harmony’ and ‘self love’.

Intelligence is having the wisdom to know ‘thyself’ and, in the western world with it’s openness, to be able to manifest that with another who is a clear mirror meeting you as a clear mirror. Most of the world, particularly in the US achiever-capitalist system, intellectual achievements in schools are highly regarded over all else with the ‘work world’ overly obsessed with using that as a barometer for employment. Experience has shown other factors far out weighing the intellect as in work ethics, imagination, passion, loyalty, integrity and so forth. The measurement of ‘intellect’ is easier than going ‘deeper’ to other virtues, and it makes more money for everyone (particularly the ‘brain factories’).

That which can be attributed to the ‘emotional’ is perhaps more important. I have met many so called bright people, sometimes ‘intellectual’, who are completely lost in their self pity, self worth and all inner self enhancements including a deep self love. Intellectuals (and thugs) with undeveloped emotions have ruled the world.  Religions have seduced the masse’s minds with their clever ability to manipulate thoughts and words with a mixture of immature emotions. Religious intellectuals of one degree or another have counted on the masses fear and lack of knowledge to manipulate them to be labeled one religion or another with threats of eternal payment for sins that are often ‘made up.’

Politicians use the ‘religious salesmen’ to corral the naive and gullible, including the intellectually oriented to espouse and follow ancient words from hypothetical male gods. From there, politicians with agendas can manipulate the minds already manipulated.
The ‘intellect’ without the balanced emotions can become a ‘hard wired prison’ that can’t see beyond the mind’s limited capacity. No ‘intellectual’ loves themselves without embracing the totality of emotions from sadness to joys of love.  The ‘intellect’ is often in fear of the emotional, relying instead on his cleverness. The intelligent find the synthesis between both in harmony!


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