Impossible to Love Another!

Impossible to Love Another!

44|365 ||| the choice by .bella..May 11, 2010

It is impossible to hate another, or love another. Love of self is absolutely needed to love another beyond ‘biological-emotional’. Loving oneself, it’s impossible to hate another. When couples get together, it’s rarely even one of them who loves themselves, but mother nature creates the illusion that  the biological and emotional flurries are usually enough! It’s only for the moment, and with no lasting memories without the flaws of pain.

A child is born with unconscious love, but through parents and society is encouraged to love others while not encouraging the continuation and flowering of their ‘love of self’ consciously. How is that done you might ask? Love yourself first, and it happens! Everybody is trying to love somebody in a society gone mad! Few have enough to give to sustain love. A rightly brought up child will grow in love towards themselves. Love is not a beggar.  Couples make a life of ‘begging for love’ and being ‘dependent’. Love isn’t dependent.

When two individuals, who love themselves, completely meet, a harmonious synchronicity blends the auras of both.  Blindly chasing the love of prophets, messiah’s, or a god in name only, coupled with having to be pushed into loving this one and that one without loving oneself, just creates a growing chasm between real self love and ‘expectation love’ of others. People become ‘shadows’ trying to love others, and who are either dead, myths, or who don’t love themselves! It’s like someone pushing you onto a skating rink for the first time and expecting more than one is capable of.

We are raised like they do ‘Bonsai trees’ that began in Japan.  A tree seedling is planted in a bottomless pot and as it grows the roots are cut not allowing the growing roots to grow so that it reaches to it’s natural height. Likewise children, relationships and self love in general are stunted, missing all the heights of love. It becomes near impossible to reach the pinnacles of love when love’s roots have been suppressed. The ways to be distracted from love are infinite. Stop and seek the passion to focus on letting love grow within … it’s a choice you have to own! Choose the blue pill or the red pill, one is for growth of love, the other for fleeting love (actually that one comes without the choice of the other).


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