Gas Chambers of Religions

Gas Chambers of ReligionPriest at Prayer by geerlingguyDSC07359 - burning man 2008 - Priest with cross by Blinky Elvis by  loupiote (Old Skool)
May 12, 2010
Religion gave comfort to many in the ‘wake-up’ years of the 20th century, and before, to sooth fears, and give hope to the masses.  All the ‘holy books’ have a good message, but that can now commonly be found today in thousands of other books by writers who obviously are contemporaries. Meditation and yoga provide the means to clear the minds and hearts to create a new human of superconsciousness. Religions are relics today for those that can’t see beyond the gaseous, ‘guilt programming’ of religious salesmen who, but for their ‘dress attire’, would sink into oblivion.

The mind, with the fear of the unknown, is vulnerable to whatever is fed it to relax  – which is really putting people into a catatonic like stupor where free thought becomes merely an expression with no reality. Fear and trauma at an early age creates a vulnerability for onset of the ‘mind pedophiles’, many who were themselves victims of elders, to control and massage with platitudes from ‘holy books’, mesmerizing word pablums that set the stage for a life given up to messiah’s prophets and mysterious gods.  There is no truth in word’s attributed to god.

There is truth in ‘sensitivity and compassion’ for oneself and others. One word like ‘sensitivity’ can easily have more power and influence than millions of letters in a holy book that can’t be understood by anyone, but claimed to be by millions. The landscape is becoming littered with words of wisdom from contemporary writers and speakers that far outweigh the holy books of ancient man. Of ‘ancient woman’, there are no holy books, as man has suppressed the freedom of females to speak freely.  Man has been a manipulative coward always seeking to embellish his own desires and ego even if it takes wearing the ‘robes of holiness’ to further add to his connection with a god to play puppeteer.

At birth, you were not a Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, etc. Each child comes into the world as a tabula rasa, completely innocent. Nothing is written on them – the bible, qur’an, gita, das capital … nothing. Innocence becomes his greatest problem, because all around are wolves ‘ – hiding in parents, teachers, religious salesmen, and politicians in various forms of chaotic programming themselves. They jump on the innocent with their dictums that you later assume is your heritage. It’s time to break the chains of ‘religious slavery’ and be free to be a natural loving being of the universe. The universe in it’s mysteries embodies a caring spirit which has no label.


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