Rich on McDonald’s Salary

Rich on McDonald’s Salary
McDonald's Soon To Be Demolished by Roadsidepictures
May 10, 2010
Poor is a ‘mind choice’, or a state of mind.  Working at McDonald’s, for example, but with a smart state of mind, one can live very well, and upscale, depending on ‘choices’.  Back in the old times of the 20th century, the mind was likely filled with stars of ‘accumulation’ of all that money could buy to make one happy. Happiness and inner joy has little to do with ‘money and things’. I left a good career on Wall St. 20 years ago while also living on the 40th floor of a hi-rise over Central Park, easy money, loads of fine dining, frequent trips to the West Coast, etc. Basically a life most Americans could only dream of. Loved it, but…

Chasing money, and having inner bliss with wisdom do not mix without diluting both.  In most cases, false inner bliss needs money-money. Money is not an inherent problem but for the attachment, as it does block a creative life of love and compassion. Whether one is poor or rich, not being addicted or attached to many things including unneeded desires is clearly the pathway to an inner freedom that gets blocked by the stress and worries of maintaining an image and expensive life style.

I have never met a person of average intelligence who couldn’t live very well on a McDonald’s fast food ‘flipping burgers’ income at this early stage of the 21st century. It’s the desire and attachment for ‘I want this and that’, which puts people on a treadmill going no where but where they could have found it without all the hullabaloo. To everything there are of course exceptions but for the majority, life awaits inner discovery and self love. Self love isn’t buying whatever one wants to quench the thirst of the ego’s insatiable appetite.

Particularly in America at this time, most can choose for the first time ever, to live well and be an explorer of the peaks of love and what it brings. ‘Inner bankruptcy’,  and denial of it, is common.  Foreclosing the self is to sell out to accumulation. Always look to educate one’s inner self, and yet not ignoring the outer social world that needs your consciousness and participation.  Giving to one’s inner wisdom, and giving back to the world are equally, albeit different, important. Living well on a McDonald’s type budget takes ‘creativity with common sense, self love, and letting go of old paradigms.

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