Spirituality on Wall St.

Spirituality on Wall St.
wall st by juvelstorm.
May 9, 2010
Spent 20 years on Wall St. meeting thousands of ‘players and support’ from Investment Banker, Corporate Attorneys, Secretaries to Mail Room People.  Had lunch’s and dinners with more than 100’s of the executive one’s ….and I found them smarter than any other group including educators at Universities. Their social etiquette, candidness, knowledge, and niceness is second to no group! They are among the best and brightest that the world has to offer!  I was there, saw and experienced, but….

Step outside the world of investment and into uncharted territory filled with ‘mine fields’ on anything relating to the ‘spiritual’ beyond the exercise of Yoga.  It’s not a matter of just meeting a ‘blank stare’ on matters of the heart and consciousness beyond their children or ‘covert biological, needs’, but ‘they just DON’T care’! Money and success can, and does here, become a replacement for religiousness. Take away the ‘money toys’ from a Wall Streeter and other than their babbling about ‘memories’ of ‘deals’ and what they were able to do with the money, they have less to talk about than the other ‘suspender’ group I worked with in college – loggers!

Granted there are still few women in the ‘logging’ business for obvious reasons, Wall St. is filled with women since the ’70’s, but….  Working 10-14 hour days, which is common on Wall St., is never helpful for people interested in deep love and their ‘spiritual self’. Chasing money is FUN and addictive, creating an all encompassing thirst for more where things like love and spirituality become words with little meaning, as well as experience.  I know! I experienced the euphoria of it! I was a rare ‘oddball’ who spent my early adult years immersed in matters of love and the so called ‘spiritual’ when I found myself in an opportunity to do both. Several years of doing both slowly reduced the love path to the past as Wall St. life meant the ability to ‘buy experiences’, forgetting a bit that deep love and wisdom can’t be bought.

I walked away from the prospect of everyone’s (?) dream of material fantasies to follow the heart of wisdom into a life where money is something to be unattached to and following the spiritual love path of blisses that are found in no one who covets money, and is addicted to it.  Addictions are rarely admitted as such, particularly when it’s the No.1 desired acquirement on most minds.  Wall St. has soul ….when it pays dividends! It’s take a pick: attachment to success and money, or follow your heart with awareness. Doing both simultaneously, dilutes both! Money buy a lot! A lot of lower level love and ‘spirituality’!

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