Road Map to Romance

May 8, 2010
Rare are those who’ve been able to read ‘love’s road map’ with clarity, and instead always end up taking wrong turns.  Sooner or later ‘the road map’ itself (if their ever was one), gets lost and buried in time. All but a few ‘roadmaps’ are incorrectly composed, yet followed throughout life to going down a road looking for the ‘gold of love’ but finding ‘roses with thorns’ that end up being traded for ‘plastic flowers’ and lonely nights that turn into years of ‘wondering what went wrong?!

The mind and heart of unfulfilled love is inconsolable. Why not see yourself as entitled to more love that you’ve had?  What one doesn’t have in terms of love is ‘self inflicted’. The way forward is filled with all kinds of false trails that accumulate deeper and deeper into a quagmire of hopelessness. Stripping away every last vestige of hope for anything but ‘wrong roads’ on the back roads of love only leads to a managed despair covered with denial.

Truth be known, without corrections, the maps of everyone’s lives are set at an early stage of childhood, but this is the 21st century where, more than ever, people can rise from flawed programming of information and experiences to follow a road map of truth and love. Until one can break the ‘emotional cycle’ that comes to dead end love/romance, nothing is possible to find life’s real inner joy and bliss.  Will power and dedication to a focus or rising into ‘love’s eternal space’ is in everyone’s DNA.

One needs an ‘emotional compass’ that works, unlike ‘mechanism choice failures’ of the past. One has to discontinue being an uncertain witness to false perceptions of the way to the heart and clearing of the mind. Life isn’t just a ‘burger joint’ filled with good tasting pesticide filled food that results in just sustaining existence, but finding the best path to the joy of the experience of harmony with natures blisses.  Stop and begin the faltering steps to a long and right road of recovery that is an emotional convalescence to resolve issues to allow one to a road of endless experience of inner romance.


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