My Opinion Sucks

My Opinion Sucks

Facts not opinions by sarflondondunc

May 7, 2010
Opinions are important to be expressed as well as to be evaluated for being good ones, or ‘more than opinions’. Your opinion of my opinion may indeed suck too. Opinions come in all different sizes and qualities that may give birth at one end to ‘more than an opinion’.  On American TV there is a popular show with a setting of 5 women called ‘The View’. The View is filled with opinions on a wide variety of subjects, many quite controversial. Slightly higher than the opinions is ‘the view’ that is more from conscious experience with an attempt to be non judgmental. A ‘view’ stands taller than an opinion, in my view!

Having an opinion about what is perceived as ‘an opinion’ is ‘watering down’ the real reality of what’s said and meant.  Belief systems are by definition of the word – ‘belief’, and subject to verification, but may only be able to be done by ‘faith’ that it’s the ‘absolute word’. Again, it translates to an opinion, a view, and possibly, a misperception, etc. Opinions range from ‘worthless, to culturally induced, to skeptical, to speculative, to common sense, to a ‘good opinion that may lead to ‘an expert opinion. All opinions are based on speculation or best guess, or on hopeful knowledge.

Knowledge usually skirts above an opinion, however knowledge can now be found easily on the internet.  Knowledge implies the possibility of missing ingredients of information.  ‘Knowing’ is a personal experience with awareness and not just part of another’s opinions or beliefs. To have ‘knowledge of’ is not to know from personal experience.  To have all the knowledge in the world is to be no more than a computer connected to the ‘internet’ that may well not be able to connect the dots to make it useful in actual practice.

To know may require deep experience.  To have knowledge of oneself has little to do with knowing who one really is, or to know oneself.  Having knowledge is ‘peripheral’ and has the shadow of doubt, or an ego that won’t look inside for the truths. Sometimes what other’s regard as an opinion is really them covertly, and perhaps unconsciously, admitting a lack of experience to know the difference between another’s opinion and actually, ‘a knowing’.  When judging another’s opinion, always step outside the ego and question whether it’s more than an opinion.  The ‘Son of God’ is an opinion. The ‘Sun of God’ is knowledge. “That’s the ‘sun’ out there” is ‘knowing’!  Any amount of ‘confusion’ is not knowing.

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