Chicken Little’s Syndrome

Chicken Little’s Syndrome
Jan Hatzius Chicken Little by FAXED
May 6, 2010
Today seems to be a time when everyone is a prophet about something without questioning where the thought originated from. The ‘chicken little’ story perhaps dates back to the time of Buddha. Mass hysteria takes place after ‘chicken little’ has an acorn fall on his head, and runs in fear to tell all the other chickens that the ‘sky is falling’.  Eventually, the protagonist, Buddha, called Cockey Lockey in the updated version, speaks reason from the heart telling all that it takes courage to see the truth.

During the time between the alarm of Chicken Little and Cockey Lockey’s stand for courage to see the truth, Foxy Loxy eats most of the chickens who are looking for the falling sky.  Today, Foxy Loxy could be the government, your imagination, or more likely the non thinking penchant to follow the ‘mass belief’ system that is an automatic controller of the masses. People are busy looking at the sky or someone out side themselves for the cause of all problems. Even people’s varied perception of ‘God’ gets blamed.

There is no way to stop the mass ‘hysterical’ acceptance of what amounts to rumors on every enemy of truth without each looking within and finding out who they really are beyond all the fears and misinformation. The masses are controlled by false perceptions of threats that are really from fear and ignorance.  As the humanoid begins to realize that each possesses the ability to find truth, than change begins within and not waiting past death for someone else to fix what is of concern.

The intellect is easily made into a follower when the heart doesn’t merge, resulting in a failure of ‘discernment with awareness’ to see the truth.  Foxy Loxy is expressed as forms of fears and negativity that eats all positivity.  Cockey Lockey to put a stop to this slide into personal hell is the ‘higher self’ that finds the courage to stand up to the truth. Mankind suffers from an amnesia that just reading the other guy’s bible is not to follow the inner truth that resides in each of us. The greatest possibility for billions to ‘rise in consciousness to the sky’ is now, and here.  The ‘acorn’, or false information unexamined for truth, is not the sky falling, but you not seeking and finding the truth.

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