Love is Anti Relationship

Love is Anti-

Chronicles of a relationship by gerard_abela

May 3, 2010
Relationships have ‘nothing’ to do with ‘love’! Relationship is a noun, it’s dead. Love is a movement as well as a ‘verb’. Relationships are an arrangement. Love relates. Relationship is a ‘fixed’ arrangement. Love goes on regardless of a relationship. Relationships die, love doesn’t. Relationships carry within them insecurity and often must be legalized to ensure trust, thinking that one needs legalization to assure one of the trust of love.  Absurd, but mankind is still dealing in it’s own unconscious immaturity.

Relationships are to keep a rope around someones neck to assure what each perceives that they are entitled to. Love doesn’t happen ‘doggy style’ either! It doesn’t need the relationship, not that a relationship would need love to take it to the next higher level. Relationships start taking each other for granted. Love another as if they are you. One needs to love themselves.  There is no real need to have a relationship with the self if one feels love to be in you.

Relationships take things for granted rather than starting over every day and like water in a river, it is forever on the move.  Assuming is a preemptive strike void of love and awareness of the moment. People are not furniture, never changing but for dusting off non attention.  Remove looking at connections as irrevocable, instead taking the risk of the flowing river of love.  Relationships deteriorate into ‘relationshits’.

Always be starting anew!  Let the other be a mirror to you where exploring happens of both your inner self and theirs too.  Make love to the uncovered facets of the other while discovering them within oneself.  Relationships are ‘recycling’ the old with no stimulus to spark life and love that needs input to love more and deeper.  Love becomes mirrors to each other, giving birth to love being a meditation. Meeting eye to eye is to see each other as deep and deeper than ever imagined. Each day becomes a honeymoon through tears and challenges, always opening new horizons. Each is an infinite, unfathomable, intriguing, inexhaustible love journey.


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  1. Sorry To Hear Your Views Of Love. Must Have Been Burned By Someone. Your Reasoning Falters Because You Assume That Because You Haven’t Experienced Love That No One Else Has. You Also Seem To Assume That Love And Relationships Are Mutually Exclusive Because You Haven’t Experienced Them Being Inclusive Of Each Other. One Can Bind Themselves To Another With Cords Of Love.

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