Gender Confusion

Gender Confusion
The 'Who' vs. the 'What' : the new paradigm by Thierry René
May 2, 2010
Scientists have confirmed that it’s quite natural and healthy to be both male and female.
As far as I know, we come from both a male and female combination, so it’s not surprising to find some who exemplify strong characteristics of both in their thinking and behavior. In fact, it seems far healthier than being ‘too male or too female’. The world is out of balance in that males are too male and females too female. Females, sadly, likely conform to male domination and suggestion.

Males that act out being masculine in deference to owning their feminine side are a large part of the reason for the world being filled with violence and disorder. In America, it’s more obvious among the uneducated and culturally deprived. Each gender is different, but more alike than not unless social, backward programming, dating back to the neanderthal era, is ‘hardwired’ in the more ‘closed minded’.

Females in general, are still very much submitting to male domination and control for fear and ignorance of owning their position as an equal but different person.  Females and males need have equal rights without manipulation of the other, particularly male domination.  Males who exhibit domination over females still haven’t let go of their cave man mentality and are insecure about their identity.  A real healthy man accepts and acts out his sensitive female side with no issues.

Control is usually ‘out of control’ with the heart and awareness of moving in higher consciousness. Low self esteem is common among the ‘deniers’ of being just human with little internal attachment to having to be ‘male’ or female.  Women no longer need men who ‘need to be men’.  Sperm banks have replaced the reproductive need of men where reproduction should be only out of love from both or not at all, opting instead for probably more healthy sperm from donors.  Women can do well raising children on their own even by considering bonding with others (ie., females) to raise the kids. Men and women first need to be ‘conscious people’ above thinking and feeling being identified with old stereotypes of what they erroneously think they should be.  Confusion stops when one is the best human they can be.


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