Emotional Hijacking

Emotional Hijacking

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May 1, 2010
Nearly everyone is emotionally immature.  Entering into a union of two people is rarely not four or more people due to split ‘personalities’ which cover up the real self they have not learned to love let alone find it. It’s no wonder divorce rates are more common than couples who exemplify the attributes of compassion, empathy, love, and just common sense. Couples rarely stay on track of merging their beings into a state of love regardless of circumstances.

Ironically, it’s not even possible to have a deep love with one personality let alone multiple ones. The personality may be part of the ‘lure’ to open the curiosity and emotions but no real love is possible on that outer level that likely is a chameleon anyway, and changing with the winds of the moment. Loving the ‘wind’ is certainly playing a casino game with the cards stacked in favor of losing the perception of everlasting love. Love is more than a biological, physical, emotional, mental happening to ‘hit the jackpot’! Reaching to ‘soul level’ takes more than any of those qualities can create.

People ‘compartmentalize’, or separate emotions from truth for fear of exposure of weaknesses, otherwise know as undeveloped emotional qualities, hence ‘immaturity’. It’s not uncommon for individuals to hide aspects of themselves ‘just in case’ they need to flee and protect themselves. Rarely do people ‘multitask’ with common sense, emotions, empathy and so forth on a compassionate level. People are either dependent or in the last few decades, compartmentalize emotions to keep an individuality that is amiss with communication and complete honesty.

Emotions can be like ‘fly paper’, once you submit, those with immature emotional development are not able to display the qualities of love with communication and mutually acceptable agreements. Falling in love never works while ‘rising in love’ has a much higher success rate. Love in the real sense always remains in the heart of responsiveness even if partners change their relationship. Submitting to the other when emotionally mature is the first step to the invisible, mystical life force overwhelming those in a total let go with ‘divine love’. No ‘hijacking’ possible in that everlasting condition. There is a song, ‘After the love has gone’ – it only goes when it was never there completely with each loving themselves first. Arhata


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