Loving Self Abuse

Loving Self Abuse

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April 29, 2010
It’s a challenge to love away self abuse let alone abuse of another.  In a world where more and more people have the resources to become ‘love beings’ rather than a stupid bundle of a mixture of negative-positive ‘blame the world for their plight’ or dilemmas of self criticism, excuses are no longer valid.  The majority of behavioral aberrations, even those denied, come from continuing to blame circumstances during childhood not realizing that everything is an opportunity to rise above the negative and give back to others hope and thoughts that give those with similar dilemmas a track to move beyond.

People who clearly abuse others are really at the same time abusing themselves with different forms of self hatred from unresolved issues that they project onto others to serve their low self image ego.  Everyone has the self responsibility to make contact with themselves and to discard or reposition those things internally that block seeing the beauty within. Heaven cannot be experienced if one even went to such a place if one takes all the unresolved issues as luggage. I have seen many times people being given a ‘slice of heaven’ only to turn it into what amounts to ‘garbage’.

All the love in the world is waiting to enter each being but for them opening the door of the heart after emptying the unnecessary disturbing contents of both it and the mind. Self abuse up til now has been perpetual, passing down from generation to generation in a world void of the gifts for ‘self realization’ that are everywhere but within today.  The past has been a time of excuses to not seek the inner being. The future everyone desired down the ages for the time to love the self is NOW!

Finding all the love within isn’t about brains or how successful one is, but taking the time to do ‘nothing’. Doing ‘nothing’ is being alone, relaxing, and visiting with whatever comes up even if it’s endless chatter.  Slow, deep breathing opens up the vital energy of everything within while slowly healing wounds of yesteryears. It’s not about whether one is brainy or successful, but that one takes the time out instead of waiting for the world to change. Change the world? ….change the self …. start with taking private time to breath in the energy of love while breathing out all self abuse.


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