Get Infected

Get Infected
Beauty, Truth & Love! by Creativa
April 30, 2010
Truth is contagious! Is your heart louder than your mind? Is your mind able to feel your heart and able to actualize your inner truth? Or is your heart of truth overridden by a mind that looks to follow itself without the heart?  Life changes when one gets infected with riding the truth train out of  ‘lies coverup’!  The mind without the heart is the great deceiver. The mind without the heart is like ‘Wall St’, and not able to regulate itself. A ‘genital to mind connection’ finds greedy comfort in bypassing the heart.

Life in itself has no meaning. You have to create meaning. We are given life as a ‘tabula rosa’ that offers a blank start to make of it a life of love, or at the other end, at life of misery.  Life lived in the mind is to poison the heart, or to make it a non factor. We are given freedom.  We are given creativity. All that is needed is for you to use those gifts to give life meaning, a heart felt meaning. Meaning is created by you in conjunction with god or godliness.

Don’t wait for the ability to be ‘truthful and come from the heart’ to fall from the sky one magical day. Just this morning though a little magic as I got an email from an internet friend from one of the coldest places in the world, but even there, hearts are warm:
“This  is my GIFT to you all – let our hearts will always be sources of
LOVE for everybody and all

With love from Siberia”
Nina Goncharova

Be it Wall St., the lands of war, or in your home, coming from the heart keeps life young, fresh and truthful. Positivity and truthfulness from the heart creates a rich wealth that the ‘head’ can never equal.  Like in Lewis Carroll’s book ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’ the characters were void of a quality to make them complete.  The ‘Tin Man’ sought a heart. In real life the heart awaits in billions for discovery just 14’’ inches below the brain waiting for the nurturing to make it a strong loving heart. The world changes as each acknowledges the heart as a guide to a more conscious, compassionate life.


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