Bottom Feeder Love

Bottom Feeder Love
Emo love <3 by Crazy Princess
April 28, 2010
Love is so great that there is no where it is not to be found. People even use the ‘love word’  for McDonald’s burgers to myths from the holy books that scientists are revealing to be filled with ‘holy holes’! Love is even used to kill people such as ‘for the love of country!  Love is even translated into hundreds of languages. Even babies are taught to acknowledge and say the word! Use of the word seems to be a good way to get attention and approval even if its filled with ‘emptiness’.

Love roses even when most of them sold today are without fragrance.  Love without ‘fragrance’ or meaning, is ever more popular. Few live in more than that ‘bottom feeder’ or low level love due to ignorance and fear of doing what’s necessary to find and stay at the peaks of love. People seem as interested in blocking ‘emails’ as they do in giving or receiving anything but the low meaning of love. Low level lover’s are everywhere not wanting to hear the truth.

Keeping things together with the words, ‘I love you’ are symptomatic of the low level rider of love’s kindness to always be accessible for help. I’ve found that people who throw out ‘I love you’s’ are unknowingly both saying it to themselves and have a hard time seeing ‘where it’s at’!  Those who screech at certain four letter words don’t seem to mind receiving and giving ‘placebo love’ accolades.

In my ‘introductory meditation classes’, I occasionally have people move around the room and look in another’s eyes saying ‘I love you’ until most reach their hearts feeling tears for moving beyond their fears and limitations. Love represents a deep heartfelt meaning as it rises above the ‘street use’ into a deep givine meaning.  Love often hides behind fears and lack of self love remaining in a deadlock of just ‘words’.  Meditation opens the heart, at first creating perhaps a hurt in the heart but that’s the necessary pain for gain of moving into the upper dimensions of love’s capability. Real love is worth the pain of moving beyond the blocks into the light.


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