Attention ‘Denial’ Deficit

Attention ‘Denial’ Deficit
denial by zert.sonstige_2008
April 27, 2010
The drug salesmen (Big Pharma), and the ‘new priest’, called the ‘therapist’, are feeding bullshit to vulnerable minds so they can help (?) what amounts to their own ego, greed, and pocket book. The media advertising vultures are complicit in this spin of truth scam. The human mind looks for answers from those who, if truth be told, are playing God. The ‘mind factories’ who sell hope of getting an education to help others are mostly selling what the young, vulnerable want to hear.

Denial of what really is the case is rampant in this world where everyone seems to have an answer that once again is motivated by money as well as ‘self delusion’. All ‘religious salesmen’, therapists, legal drug salesmen and their media advertisers are selling false answers in the form of belief, imagination, fear, gullibility  stupidity, and for ‘money’. This ‘Attention Disorder Deficit’ (ADD) is a spin on the truth, and the real problem.  Snake oil cures for the pseudo labeling of the claimed ‘attentions deficits’ of the victim is an enabling smokescreen to take and relieve personal responsibility for a wildfire epidemic of ‘transference of culpability’.

Nearly all mental and emotional problems are either from a childhood carrying unresolved issues into adulthood.  With children it’s often a misdiagnosed evaluation left for the erroneous cure by a pill like Ritalin.  This is the age of taking advantage of people to be used as guinea pigs like in an experimental laboratory, sadly, called earth.

Realizing and accepting that it is you who is driving through life, not someone who takes your money for a miracle cure that they fully realize is a ‘shot in he dark’, is a step toward fixing and letting go of the problems the natural way. What ever you didn’t get as a child is immaterial to what can be done to ‘self correct’ and center in the moment, and for the future.  Love deficit as a child is good motivation to make up for that deficit ‘the old fashion way’ – just do it! Meditation lightens the mind for ‘real cures’ that last. Meditating is a vehicle into self love. Attention Disorder Deficit is a deficit in the attention of love and awareness!


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