God’s NiteStalker

God’s NiteStalker A

April 25, 2010
As I was doing my early, dark morning walk up and down the hills of this Olympic Mountain town on the Puget Sound listening to the nightingales chirp their mating calls, a chilling thought occurred. In my imagination I saw infinite people of all ages and types walking around me, but with dark sunglasses on! What could it mean that people were walking in the dark with black sunglasses?

Then it dawned on me that they represented most of the people occupying earth at this time. Lost Souls not even having a clue had they done some ‘fact checking’ that they could enjoy the subtleties of what the naked, aware eye could only see.  ‘Fact checking’ would include things like a) knowing who you really are b) finding out how to love another as much as you could imagine c) what’s the research data on anything to do with religions, myth vs fact d) how to create positivity and calmness in oneself? These are a few of the questions that people with dark glasses seem to have a hidden curiosity about, but still refuse to look at facts and truth with the naked eye. It’s always, ‘I’m too busy’!

My experience from logging towns to Wall St., to dance clubs to spiritual gatherings, to the humans with the dark glasses on the street, is that almost ‘no one is home’! Few are curious for more than an occasional glance at what are the most important things in life. The ‘fountain of youth’ is inside to be found for embracing, and encompasses the secrets of life, and what is possible beyond ‘grumbling and needing more money’. Few allow the expression of that possibility being attached to chasing outer dreams with little regard for inner possibilities.

The mind is a ‘nitestalker’ trudging along myopically with ‘tunnel vision’ for the immediate, convenient satisfaction while being blinded to the nourishment of the soul with ‘soul food’ that comes hidden in the form of self love and it’s infinite benefits. To reach the mind and heart of this ‘closed being’ is like looking for gold in the Sahara Desert. For a desert to flourish with life, nurturing water is needed. So it is with the dry closed mind and heart.  To flourish, they both need to be nurtured to reveal love and truth. Walking into life with the heart and mind open creates an enduring bliss not seen by the preoccupied mind and the unattended heart.


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