Love Needs Surrender

Love Needs Surrender
~The Wings of an Angelic Flower~ by THROUGH_HAWAIIAN_EYESAPRIL 24, 2010
Love and a surrender are interdependent for their survival. One without the other is either on crutches.  Love is a popular word to toss around without any soul behind it to mollify feelings and an agenda. Love used in any positive way has merit but not much if it is an all consuming feeling beyond the understanding of the mind. Love without ‘surrender’ is little more than a ‘flat line’ expression of words that may have some resonance but yet barely above hollow.

Love to share with another has ‘risks and benefits’. Usually the benefits are in the beginning where some semblance of ‘submitting’ and pseudo surrendering are occurring. Real ‘surrendering’ in love isn’t ‘just getting naked’, and amusing the self! Real surrendering rarely happens on a love level but if it happens (and it can’t be willed), life changes inside regardless of who it was with. The risk is to miss ‘real love’ traded for falling in love that continues ‘falling’ to places never imagined. Love that just ties into the biological and emotional is doomed to fall to a ‘sort of manageable partnership’. Then love to ‘work’ takes ‘work’.  No surrender, no love that doesn’t take work to be even a semblance of what could be.

The ‘benefits of a surrender in love’ are beyond all languages and the most vivid imaginations. A surrender to the love within can be activated by meditating or by the rare merger of two conscious souls in a total let go beyond any describable experience. ‘Making love’ is an open door to a real everlasting surrender, but as long as the ‘ego’ lurks, the divine will not come in to fill the spirit with it’s invisible cosmic starlight of ‘heaven within’.  ‘Unconditional love’ is not encompassing enough to describe the freedom that even dreams can’t compare.

Everyone wants the inner peace that is read about only in books and by mental ‘wishers’ who think everything comes in the mind. To continue reaching into ‘life’s time’, with at best only a semblance of memories of love, is not what anyone really desires. We want to wakeup every moment to the last day with an overwhelming sense of a deep, peaceful love within that likely has experienced a ‘divine spiritual surrender’  making it’s home within and not needing to be filled by anyone or experience that is still missing.  Love becomes divinely real when a surrender fills the aura within. To ‘know’ is not to have knowledge of.

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