Levels of Love

Levels of Love

April 22, 2010
Love is often a convenient word to describe a passing feeling of the moment, but in it’s true meaning, is as clear and overwhelming as the air we breath.  Love is beyond a word that has many spellings in different languages. Love, like the air, is free. Love is innocent. Love heals. Love has no boundaries. Love is unexpected. Love is unconditional. Love is the spirit of energy.

‘Watered down love’ is in popular vogue. The word love is used as a device to ‘shut it’s recipient up’. What love is and isn’t is endless and fraught with infinite opinions. The most meaningless use of love is used for ‘love of the manmade material’ from money to expendable experiences and items like cars, TV’s, movies, sports, furnishings, clothes, food, stimulants, and the like.  Not following far ahead is love of attention, success, job, ideologies, religions, fantasies, etc.

The next level of love, which is below ‘real love’, and often very conditional as is those already mentioned, is God, marriage, friends, family, people, etc. Love with most is conditional for the most mundane reasons. Family and friends love over the years is commonly always changing and falling off the ‘criteria of love’. Quality of meaning of love over time separates the ‘real from the momentary love’.

No real, unconditional love is possible without the conscious love of one’s inner self, which nothing can alter. The ‘peaks of love’ are often touched in flashing moments by most but rarely sustained.  Self love seeks other love of the same high quality as if ‘mirrored love’. Love on lower levels frequently gets stuck in the attachment to that love, foregoing finding it within.  Love knows no hate or even doubt of it’s existence.  Love is not a shadow that disappears when clouds or darkness appear in ones life.

Love is an invisible energy that never loses itself. At it’s highest peaks, love transforms all to it’s highest possibilities. Love of the multidimensional divine that is an invisible presence, and is always providing bliss and joy inspite of life’s challenges, is love at it’s ultimate. Love is endless in time that transcends all.  Love is in the air to breath in, to light itself. The deep ‘breath of love’ is like an endless river that colors and illuminates the presence of the compassion of love for itself.

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