Fun with Frustration

Fun with Frustration
The Yell Of Frustration by cup4tml
April 21. 2010
The world lives in frustration, as particularly exemplified by the global chaos caused by the ‘Eyjafjallajokull volcano’ in Iceland that is disrupting flights from and to Europe. From the crying baby to the investor waiting for profits as well as the one in love who is expecting a ‘return’ on their love, it’s guaranteed that nearly everyone on the planet is carrying frustration. Frustration for what they want, and making it more dangerous to their elusive ‘peace of mind’ by expecting too much.

People reluctantly live with constant frustrations by attaching expectations that further complicate the uncomfortableness.  Accepting the moment and what it brings is the beginning of moving beyond frustrations.  There ‘ain’t no sunshine in the dark’, but seeking it within where the real light of life is always available. Find the source of your frustrations. It will always come to ‘expectations’.

Frustration is everywhere.  People who look for power, prestige, acceptance, results, and certainly, love.  People are frustrated by their expectations, from prayer to a God that they expect will listen even though they have no idea what this God is or with certainty that there is one, and not something else more ‘benevolent’ that they have overlooked. Stepping out side of oneself, and saying ‘who cares’, as well as letting go to be free of expectations of certain results, is an opening of a new breath of life.

Freedom begins with being free of frustrations that come from expectations that have become like a bondage to the mind and heart.  Make expectations like clouds in the sky that are at best, only moving through in the moment as sun shines through them when they are detached. Love, and it’s many levels of meaning is a good opportunity to experience having less or no expectations which frequently create a tension not only within but with the object of that need of return love. Love really rolls in when there is no expectation, even if it’s from within.

The ‘greatest, deepest’ love, from my experience, will more likely just appear when one is carefree and experiencing deep positivity in life. It comes and stays forever even without the person who you met in that whirl pool of bliss and ecstasy. Keep self love filled and all gifts of it’s essence will be within.  Meditating clears away the clouds of self doubt while opening loves heart that rises above frustrations. Detach from seriousness and expectations to enjoy the fun of having frustrations float away!

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