Expect ‘Nothing’!

Expect ‘Nothing’!

April 20, 2010
…and you’ll never be disappointed!  Frustration, let downs, and hurts, happen when one anticipates any thing desired with ‘expectation’.  All over the world frustration is a constant ‘dis-ease’ of the mind rarely not from expectations that people are attached to or banking on. All over America, ‘expectation casino’s’ are flourishing for the false ‘hopers’ that pile into cars hoping to change their lives.

The ‘casinos’ are the new churches.  Check out the filled casino parking lots on Sunday morning at these havens for the the lonely, hopeful! At the same time, millions of people dressed in Sunday fineries sit in ‘holy houses’ praying to a ‘deity’ that they couldn’t begin to define if their life depended on it. From expecting ‘miracles’ to change their lives, that rarely if ever come, but for the endless trains of disappointments filling days, months, and years, there is only frustration.

All that energy taxing the mind and heart could better be put to being in the moment, and making the best of it.  There is little substitute for not counting ones ‘chickens before they hatch’ or ‘putting all one’s marbles in one place’, than that we are blessed with a mind that can access common sense. Common sense has the ability to find within, it’s capacity to detach from all expectations. Common sense prepares for the best outcome while expecting nothing but the experience that unfolds and how best to accept it.  Always it’s a wise plan to have ‘Plan A; plan B; plan C, and perhaps ‘no plan’!

A shadow is always following expectation appearing as hurt and frustration. Everything we do, we do with expectations. If I love someone, an expectation enters without my even knowing it. I begin to expect love in return.  Ironically, few ever love themselves first let alone expecting someone else to give love who likely doesn’t really love themselves.  Expecting love from someone will make love more difficult to flow back to you. The expectation will cause the other to feel an obligation or bondage of duty which will cancel any real love.

Seek with the notion that existence will provide answers that challenge any expectations. Find comfort in the love within that needs no expectation, but an open heart and mind to see and feel.


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