Entanglements Let Go

Entanglements Let Go

Through the Windowpane by idathue
April 18, 2010
Wherever you go, letting go and detaching from the ‘entanglements’ that block fresh new experiences, creates greater opportunities for happiness and bliss to flow in your life.  Situations as well as memories, cling to the mind and heart if not moved on from into a new and healthy being.  Keeping the doors locked with clinging to ‘woulda, coulda, shouda’s, keeps the nurturing light of the moment, and it’s positive memories on the outside, while the inside can’t even see through the entanglements, new uplifting experience opportunities.

Inner ‘goblins’ or demons sometimes find a good home where the houser (you) tends to feed them year in and year out.  There is no redemption for those who don’t take the initiative to ‘exorcise’ them by disconnecting, decoding, and/or reinterpreting their meaning into something positive. Deeper meanings of memories that linger and become unneeded, unwanted catalysts for seeming perpetual shadows of ‘life time behaviors’ often have beginnings in childhood.  We are more impressionable to negative ‘stimuli’ that harbors implications in later life from our early years where we have little means to interpret things in ways that we become less attached to.

Letting go of anything that we would have desired to not have taken place, be it unconscious or conscious will not happen by doing nothing or burying them with all behaviors that are irrational from excessive drinking, drugs, unexamined learned behaviors, and all false ‘cure it’ answers. One must go deep, deep into the mind and heart to experience a letting go into replacement energy that fills the vacuum of letting go of the negative ‘leaches’.

Various healthy use of a variety of forms of meditation coupled with conscious decisions to alter inner and outer circumstances to more favorable ones are incumbent to be on the path of renewing and opening to the real self. The  real self is natural and healthy, void of any dis-ease picked up in the past.  To move forward and upward in consciousness takes a special forgiveness of the unforgiven parts of the past step by step. All things which are possible to reinterpret positively and correct are major steps in the transformation from a life filled with blocks to a blissful, joyous existence.

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