Infant Censorship

Infant Censorship
talk&listen by big-face

April 17, 2010
Little children don’t understand many things as, ironically, don’t many adults! An ability to listen to all manners of speech and expressions is a sign of maturity beyond the infantile stage.  How many times has anyone feared saying the ‘wrong’ thing to people who are easily offended often by the slightest verbal words that step over ‘their line’? ‘The line’ these reactive types have arbitrarily drawn to protect what they are not open enough to hear, particularly even if it’s a sound positive message, creates discomfort for many.

People in general tend to put up barriers to protect areas of dialog or discussion on a personal level that they have, even unknowingly, put an invisible ‘electric fence’ around.
More mature people are open, even if just tolerant, without reaction, to allow others to say what they want, and choose to listen without ‘knee jerk reactions’ that are a form of censorship on well meaning people.  It’s not just limited to verbal barriers that these ‘tip toe around censors’ freak out over, but all forms of expression including bodily or facial.

A rather covert as well as annoying form of censorship, is the person who talks incessantly about subjects unrelated to anything one may have any interest in such as more impersonal things like politics, fishing, movies, cars, investments, etc.  More annoying is those who talk over someone even if  would like to interject with a comment.  I’ve encountered many who continue talking, particularly in phone conversations without responding to repeated comments, just rambling on as if what they have to say is impervious to empathy and compassion for the ‘captured listener’.

Healthy, positive communication flows freely in both directions as listening and responding is given high regard. It’s always thoughtful to examine oneself, even if it involves asking others, on how one is receptive in listening and talking with empathy for the other. Open communication with transparency is at the foundation of all successful relationships whether on a personal level or with many. Love without communication that flows smoothly is a restricted, censored, unhealthy relationship that will inevitable invite miscommunication, uncomfortableness, and infinite forms of negativity.  Communication is like a dance with two partners in graceful synchronicity. Let go and enjoy communication!

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