America Brain Dead

America Brain Dead
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April 16, 2010
Less than 5% of Americans, from my experience, can read English and activate behavior modification methods suggested in ‘plain english’ without resorting to medicants.  No one today in the Western world in this information age need live in any form of misery or denial of methods to evolve the spirit, yet it is the rule of all but a small minority.  Healthy answers seem to meet with resistance or head nodding only to file away answers that work for a fresh open mind and heart. ‘Oh, that’s not me’, is a common reaction to the aforementioned reality.

The ‘medicants’ consist of attachments to infinite behaviors to dumb down the receptors of the brain and heart, rarely being able to translate the clear indigenous language into ‘inner movement’ of awareness and love of who they really are. Those medicants consist of obsessions with money and material possession to all forms of drugs, legal and illegal, laziness, self loathing, ego, and unwillingness to move beyond information that they were indoctrinated with as children.

Someone reminded me that in the 1960’s and ’70’s with all the ‘revolutionary thinking’, who would have thought that in the early part of the 21st century most of society would be as dumbed down as what was ‘revolted against’! My predictions is, if humans survive, the news of the future is much better for ‘world evolvement beyond wars, abuse, starvation, selfish gratification, and etc. I foresee a world turning to an ‘enlightened human race’ where love is in most human interaction. This will happen around the middle of the 22nd century where the present population will be all deceased. The 20th century was an inner awakening of an intelligent few with technological marvels and ancient religions vying for superiority for the masses who never left prior centuries except for technological advancements. The 21st century has yet to unfold but seems to be more of the same (and more), of the 20th century.

There have been positive examples of overnight changes in human development though! One example is picking up ‘dog poop’ instead of leaving it for shoes to step in during the ’70’s!  Religions, in spite of researchers proving that they are mostly based on myth and ‘knockoffs’ of past religions, are flourishing.  Technology and money have become the new religion often in tandem with what ‘religions salesmen’ continue to feed the sheeple!

Still ‘old fashion’ listening to the heart and the self aware mind are available if free of ‘mothballing’ storage.  All the information to evolve beyond issues that warp behaviors are free for the asking.  Somewhere I read, ‘ask and you shall receive’. Seems like that could be a good first step!


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