Marriage is Freedom

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Marriage is FreedomNewlyweds by alexey05
April 13, 2010
The highest expression of freedom is marriage. Marriage is the merging of two inner sanctums for the benefit of each and the whole. Marriage is free of perpetual ups and downs that are indigenous to those who let ‘marriage get away’ into an ‘institutional bonding’ of two souls looking in the wrong place for what is likely to elude them forever. Paying to get freedom is prostitution disguised to satisfy the misguided and those onlookers who also suffer from delusion.

People co-create heaven or hell for their lives. Institutionalizing a wish and fantasy is like trying to capture a cloud on the run!  There is little future in a fantasy that loses it’s energy spiraling into some semblance of what was intended.  To find out where your self love is, get married!  There is no substitute for love’s genuine expression that always seeks to renew itself.  Institutionalizing a life is a justice for those who have little intention but to ride the waves without any direction for harmony and happiness.

Marriage is a team effort not favoring any who seek glory for their own intentions.  Communication is the structure upon which the foundation of love sits.  Living alone with inner fulfillment is clearly more sacred than living between the heaven and hell of the common marriage which depends on ‘image’ and illusion to stand the storms of life.  ‘Tied down’ really means being in a marriage where one is chained to obligations and commitments, mainly of a material kind, that make all freedoms with integrity, shackled.

Divorce, or breaking up, is the real indicator of a persons character and self love, or hatred, by how they treat the other.  Endings define whether one lives in inner agony or blissful blessings.  The deepest taste of freedom comes not in the mind but in the marriage of the heart and the mind into a soul that nurtures itself.  Religiousness flows in the soul of love, particularly when that soul merges with another in the perpetual soul mating of love.

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