Conservative Scum

Conservative Scum
April 14, 2010
I love conservatives who are open minded and willing to look at themselves! Oops … didn’t mean to cancel all who fit a more traditional cloak of hiding from reasonable forms of transparency!  I’m not a liberal or a conservative. The closest description I can come up with is that I lean toward being a ‘radical, rebel, right and left wing extreme makeover conservative’, who loves himself and finds others to be more perfect than they acknowledge themselves to be.

Occasionally I get ‘nincompoops’ on my list who display various forms of self hatred, which, of course like all ‘knuckleheads’, they deny.  One such idiot somewhere in this country that I don’t know, and who has been a ‘free subscriber’ to my ‘spiritual shock writings’, apparently took umbrage with a recent writing, actually called the local police here in this liberal town to complain! I’m sure when hearing an anonymous caller suggesting he was threatened by me, they laughed and sent a ‘new’ officer to my door to alert me to do what I’d already done which was to eliminate him from my email list.

Conservative numskulls call it ‘cyber stalking’! The more liberal have no idea what that type casting is other than the rare pervert targeting a particular person for some pleasurable purpose. We are well into the age of video cams everywhere which are extremely valuable in protecting the innocent, as well as catching the perpetrators. On the negative side, we are at the mercy of those who run to authorities in this ‘paranoid environment’ to complain maliciously to serve their own fragile self image.

I have a friend who is a very educated, wonderful mother who has a delightful young child except that whenever he feels like it, screams and cries.  She, like millions, is leery of what was once a sensible form of punishment fearing ‘legal consequences’, although quite inappropriate.  Closed minded, judgmental neighbors are everywhere who are stupid enough to play pseudo hero instead of having the courage to get the facts before calling ‘child services’ and risking great pain to the family.

Openness and compassion are qualities all should embrace, particularly in this
remarkable time of opportunity for personal growth that replaces millenniums of living in a ‘third world mentality’ and conditions.  We live in a time of great blessings but with people who are negative leftovers from past centuries of wars, ignorance, and pestilence. Heaven is within where self abuse is let go for a new positive way of living and loving.


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