Self Fear

Self Fear
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April 11, 2010
Freedom starts in the head. The shadows of fear are stealthful stalkers of the soul. Fear of freedom is a form of self hatred.  In the outer world, freedom has common sense constraints to allow freedom to continue. Freeway roads are only free if certain common sense restrictions for the safety of the common good can be adequately maintained.  Freedom to smoke, drink alcohol, or talk on the cell phone in a movie theater is oppression of others sensible rights. Freedom of speech is one right for all in an open and healthy society with only minimal rules.  The rules must protect freedoms of opinions expressed in a public environment that doesn’t obviously infringe on common sense.

Real freedom begins in the head and heart with no limitations. When that freedom is acted upon, others freedoms must be considered.  No one should ever have to give up the freedom of positive self expression particularly both within and with one of ‘special interest’ – like a wife or husband! There must be a place in life that total freedom of thought and emotion are accepted without judgment.  Fear of knowing or expressing the ‘real self’ that all possess is a limitation on love’s full expression.

Fear of acceptance begins within even though it appears in communication with others. Each individual has the same essence of perfection within them no matter how they express themselves. Self hatred mixed with any love of self still equates to ‘self hatred’. The lower dominates. The search for the love of self must begin with the moment of truth that all negative and shadows of negativity must be shown the door whether that’s done by a ‘resolving decision’ or some form of meditation that begins to dilute the negativity while lifting up positive vibrations.

My particular favorite method to deal with anything negative is to say ‘yes’ without ignoring the negative.  Saying ‘yes’ in creative ways to acknowledge the negative in the best possible way available is an excellent method to train the mind and heart to ‘shape shift’ into a higher, more free experience. Heaven cannot wait for the Hell within to clear itself without the doors above being locked.  The ‘key’ is to climb out now into the light of positivity where Heaven awaits a knock on the door. It’s step by step and, letting go of negative ‘habit by habit’ into the light.


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