Mrs. Tiger Woods

Mrs. Tiger Woods
April 12, 2010
Compassion and empathy know no words to comfort you more than trust in the positive answers with ‘self love’.  Being married to a ‘virile man’ who happens to be the top athlete in the world is a challenge beyond all normal females ability, however extraordinary measures do work! Those measures begin and end with total communication on a level both comfortable and truthful to both. Tigers don’t change their stripes, but ….

In defense of Tiger, he is hardly different than any attractive athlete on the road having little communication skills with his partner.  Marriage is about each walking into the other’s mind, heart, and soul.  Few go that far, nor do most really ever do it. Moving in to a beautiful mansion has many implications other than the wonderment and thrill of the moment. Marriage defined by others in society has little to do with the truth of every day living and it’s success.  Love means to be total with oneself and one’s partner.  Neither of you merged in that state with full responsibility of it.

As you surely discovered, love and it’s sexual highs is addictive and extremely luring to repeat.  What no one talks about in the religions of the world and their imprint on the minds of the ‘judging’ society, is that what’s enjoyable with one transfers to that differing enjoyment with others! One can quite naturally seek the same excitement and mutual pleasure with many people with no ill intentions, but the inability to effectively talk about it to another. Conscious people abhor hurting another especially one they love.  Unconsciousness in not having the courage to communicate leading to often bypassing common sense.

Inability to connect the head’s highest thinking with the heart is a very uncommon state in all humanity at this stage of human development.  Love has been ‘twisted’ to have far less of the meaning than does the full expression of it.  The word ‘love’ has become very commercial as well as ‘convenient’ to stroke another’s needs and wants without any real ‘oomph’, energy, or meaning behind it. There is no hope for a real merging of two in marriage without communication and agreements that are very transparent to each. Drop societies ‘dictums’ on how it should be, and find the path that works best, whatever that might be, and in harmony. Love in openness is a powerful force as is ‘cloaked, indiscreet love’. One invites hurt, the other heals bringing bliss and joy!

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