Love is the Master

Love is the Master

April 10, 2010
Love hides behind darkness and ignorance. The God in the sky is nowhere if not in you!
Heaven is within, and seeking places outside of harm’s way. Forgive yourself for any misunderstanding you have guided your life with, especially if it’s from a book that hasn’t confirmed your deepest experience.  No need to ‘follow the money’ for real love, and not ‘love for sale’. Love is hidden in the highest vibration of feeling the love of self then, the love of another ‘self’.

There are no messiahs, popes, saints, god-men, prophets, gurus, or any spiritual masters who but point in directions that you can only, at best, validate paths of personal experience in high consciousness love. Those who are ‘lost’ in the dark of what to do to find love’s treasures within, need only an open mind and heart. Only seek the ‘secrets of love with one who has demonstrated it on their life’s paths of high consciousness. Always be open and aware of those who lead as to whether they walk their talk and have been where you are entitled to be.

Words are fine but limited, especially from the dead who ‘allegedly’ said the words likely translated from another language, and in a very different setting. ‘God and love’ talk are filled with ‘snake oil salesmen’ looking for money and glory.  Watered down truths spun with lies and omissions are the ‘pseudo magic wands’ to sidestep you from the real truth that fills the heart through darkness and light.  Love lives in the breezes of the silence of the mind, and the heart that opens itself to feel the whispers of love’s fragrance.

Love in the so called modern world, has become a ‘cold word’ that is frequently used as a quick fix to what’s suppose to be a comfort to the receiver, not to say that minimal comfort can not be better than nothing. Seek not to close the doors on the romance of life and love because the mind and heart have accumulated experiences that have hardened both to the fragility of love.  Perception of love is not the reality of love. Love is a hidden tool that shifts life into another dimension.  Shape shift into love of self, be a source of inspiration to yourself. The ‘guru’ is you finding that the real master is ‘love’.


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