Mental Exlax

Mental Exlax
Little Wing by Nika Fadul
April 9, 2010
Exlax treats short-term symptoms of constipation. The mind is generally constipated with thoughts and memories that block letting go and opening the heart. The mind is a computer that thinks it is the real you so much so that few think otherwise. The real you is excited about everything that the mind sees inside you. Drugs and denial may treat short term symptoms of looping mental constipation but contribute to long term mental chaotic ‘log jams’ of endless discomfort.

Letting go and seeking a meditative state will begin to act as a disposal of unwanted garbage in the brain/mind. We either are in some degree of self love or self hatred.  A combination of the two pollutes or denies access to the love deep within resulting in a ‘mishmash’  that equates to ‘self hatred’.  Self hatred creates unhealthy reactionary anger that bubbles up frequently when not called for (anger with sensitivity for all involved may be a necessary release mechanism, and healthy).

Most people have a ‘tube’ called a ‘neck’ going from the brain/mind to the heart.  Often the pent up ‘rif raf’ in the mind only travels 3 or 4 inches out the mouth in various forms of ‘non solutions’ rather than down the neck into the heart.  Sending negative matter to the heart with the head clinging on to it will just backfire into a more embedded poison that will carry on for perhaps years, and even death. Suicide bombers are filled with poison, anger and hatred.  Self love is poisoned or unavailable in the presence of internal negativity. Meditation slowly acts as an ‘exlax’ to loosen the ‘flotsam’ obstructing the mind of love, or even common sense.

The heart is a converter of ‘trash in the brain’ creating compassion and ‘feel good emotions’ IF the mind has been loosened up by right thinking and some form of relaxation which can be referred to as meditating for a relaxing state of meditation. It’s starts with a simple decision that anyone can make to stop and alter courses to bring in the positive while letting go of the negative.  The best doctor to see what’s going on is often the sensitive self. The heart, with the help of the ‘loosened mind’ that ‘lets go’ and sends negative things to the heart, will find love sending back signals to the mind to send down more junk that the mind is attached to.  The heart will process and clean up attachments to obstruction to love. All resources collected through the ages in the form of many varied meditations to choose from can be found in Osho’s book of meditations.


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