Intellectuals are Stupid

Intellectuals are Stupid

Self-Portrait With Flower Pot by bill barfield

April 8, 2010
Intellect is just an aspect of intelligence.  Intelligence does not necessarily come with intellect.  It is pseudo and false when regarded as intelligence. Intellect is just ‘babble’ without courage, valuable experience, discernment, and the openness of the heart that leads to self knowing.  Intellect has significantly been replaced by ‘right use of information on the computer’. Intellect is given far greater value by our ‘robot institutions’ known as ‘Universities’ than deserving.

Intellect is merely a slave to intelligence, and little more. The intellect doesn’t love or have authentic compassion but sits in the head often justifying and admiring itself.  Intelligence take great courage to venture into the unknown.  Intellect is a coward that has limited purpose but thinks it to be the end all.

Intellect is ‘flat’ and has little creative qualities without the courage to continue finding the personal truths in life. Intellect seeks to accumulate gifts to itself while ignoring or avoiding the conscience of the heart.  The intellect is too stupid to see all dimensions of life, living for itself with little regard for the necessity of melting compassionately with others in life.

To love with all your brain will quickly create discord if the heart is not fully engaged. When the ‘brain conjures up wants’ to serve primal desires, it runs into obstacles that it seeks only to go around to serve it’s shallow hunger.  The intellect without the complement of the whole being, is a cripple that merely struts itself as something it is not – intelligent! Truth hides from all falseness in plain sight. Intellect runs out of gas without pumped in intelligence.  Intelligence relies on the courage to learn from the unknown with discernment to see the best way to serve a harmonious and loving result.

Loving the intellect with limited intelligence is to ignore the depths of intelligence! Intelligence seeks ways to passionately find self love and knowing the ‘self’. No sense in dying having only ‘shadow boxed’ with intelligence. Keep looking within to find what’s really at the end of a rainbow.

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