Compatibility Sucks

Compatibility Sucks
live free, child of the mist by ha!photography
April 7, 2010
Three things:  first, the average idea of couples ‘take’ on what’s compatible is defensive and ‘rigged’. Secondly, most couples, seen from the keen eye of someone who’s willing to tell the truth, are far less in harmony than most people’s compatibility with their pet dog! Finally, compatible couples, barring the rare ‘evolving compassionate, deep loving ones’, are zoned out creatures that couldn’t possibly ‘singly’ meet the criteria of desire for anyone with respect for themselves.

Certainly, love and compassion for all is imperative, but tough love is clearly necessary to wake those up who are in a perpetual ‘love deficit’ zoned out state’ with the complacency to continue being ignorant about the possibilities of rising above their quagmire. Soft, jelly bean, lamenting talk motivates no one beyond putting a bandaid on solvable problems that need an extreme makeover. Divorce and incompatibility have become a plague as common as death and birth.

Real compatibility is just two people being in their higher selves.  It is accepting each other and moving in an upward direction to arrive at always a harmony and joy of love through all situations. There is no arguing, objections are naturally dropped and listening rises in replacement. Love becomes the beloved Master. A compatible couple always is moving to merge thoughts and feelings parting the clouds of ‘ego’ to discover ways to be as one. The individual ego is not there to argue.  Why argue with oneself? Two conscious individuals in the heights of love create a 3rd mind above the fray of objections but with harmony. The heart cannot open in arguing, the heart needs to be totally open for a full compatibility of love. The conscious couple is neither into agreeing or disagreeing as they are being as one.

To be in a compatible love state takes awareness and communication of all personal things.  One hand must be in automatic communion with what the other is doing.  The mind sets limits where the heart moves beyond all limits. Deep aware love reaches a level beyond human understanding into a zone that is unlimited, and open to all situations and challenges that a conscious couple can meet. This couple lives in a perpetual celebration of love and life.


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