Truth Covers Up Lies

Truth Covers Up Lies?
what dont kill you make you more strong by holly.skye

April 7, 2010
‘The truth is often a ‘perception’ that covers up lies and, at best, is ‘partial truth’ or ‘truth spun with lies’.

My experience since childhood has been that the world is filled with both truth and deception.  At 12 my mother revealed that dad found himself following a car with the minister’s buxom wife and another man to the outskirts of our logging community of Cosmopolis, Washington. Curious he kept a careful distance until the couple suddenly pulled onto an old downhill logging road outside of town. The rest was more than imagination.

Life is best when the truth is sought out while having compassion and empathy with discernment.  Some instances short of the truth need careful handling while not serving the ‘self of desires’. Many have not dealt with unresolved issues of the past that they choose to let instead control their current and endless behaviors. Walk carefully among the injured for unless they have healed, they look for short cuts to desires that they are attached to rather than thinking of the implications of their actions if known.

I’m reading a book by a very reverent former lover of ex President, Bill Clinton who claims that Clinton suffered with a lot of anguish over his many years of leading a secret life from all especially his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea. The question arises that where else in the name of truth did he lie that may have hurt thousands or millions in the name of ‘serving his country’? Lies are frequently buried in seeming truths and good works free of deception that may indeed be wonderful accomplishments but hiding secrets that someone doing the same thing, could do from the heart of pure truth. A man who supports his family while leading a secret life cannot give the love that a healthy family needs to grow in the most positive manner.

Living in the consciousness of truth sets an example for others to find solace in living their lives likewise.  ‘Fudgers of truth’ are addicted to getting what they desire in hopes of avoiding the consequences that would hurt others while they ‘cheat truth’.  Lies lead to more lies to cover up the truth. Transparency embraces truth. Self love is sensitive to the truth and compassion for others. Cheating and lying compromises truth.  Meditation opens the doors of love to fill the spaces of darkness.

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