Faith Meeting Truth

Faith Meeting Truth <
Bulb Explosion 2 by Mark Watson (kalimistuk)
April 4, 2010
When two forces collide, there is an explosion no matter who is right! Blind faith has it’s place in a world that has no facts or truth to discount it. Logic is exacerbated in the face of ‘faith’ even though it may make more sense.  Logic and faith repel each other as do truth and faith or ‘belief’.  Millions have benefitted from their faith in the holy books and words that have been part of their culture. Stand on any street corner in the world and ask passerby’s if they have a religion and faith.  Likely the majority will answer to the affirmative and if challenged will quote scriptures of unknown origin that allegedly declare ‘rules for salvation’ from some higher source.

‘Faith’ doesn’t claim that they know the truth, but have faith that invisible sources do know the truth, and it’s not for them to question.  Their belief is to NEVER question the ‘holy word’ from above.  Fear of eternal damnation has encrusted itself in their minds, emotions and spirit. A takeover!  Yesterdays scientific facts behind all religions were what amounted to ‘secret’, and in only rare publication. Today ‘scientists of religion’ have uncovered and published shocking truths about all religions.

Any intelligent person, free of ‘brainwashing’, be it from naive, heartfelt intent, will be open to examine the evidence from those who studied the questions and found answers that belie belief systems and faiths. Intelligence will understand that ‘imagination’ can produce ‘seeming God-like answers and healings that seem to come from nowhere but from above. That ‘above’ may indeed be true but not truthfully attributed to a particular source of the divine that only answers to those who have the faith of their teachings.

All religions are ‘Knockoffs’ of what was passed down from other belief systems through the ages beginning crudely with word of mouth thousands of years earlier.  Mormonism is a ‘knockoff’ of the old and new testaments as is the Quran from the same source. The jewish old testament was a knockoff from what’s now known as Hinduism and on and on. Strangely, the knockoffs are filled with myths of characters performing miracles who never existed. The only so called ‘messiah’ or prophet who seems to have existed is Mohammed of Islam.  Many scientists have concluded what’s clearly found in the Quran, that he was also a ‘warrior who killed’ as well as raped (ie., his 9 year old wife). ‘Knockoff religions’ (which they all are) need to crumble in the face of truth!

Those who have faith and cling to it in the face of truth are the lost souls of illusion, and face only who they are not. Truth moves forward, faith clings to the past ignoring it’s doubts. Truth is to be explored and verified.  Faith crosses it’s fingers and closes its eyes to anything but what’s claimed to be truth through ‘faith’. Is ‘faith’ VOODOO?

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