Tough Noogie

‘Tough Noogie’ Habits

April 2, 2010
Ever thought that some are just ‘bad habit addicts’?
Living in the woods all alone, with no one to annoy, can be a ‘drag’!  Likewise, annoying others with behaviors unchecked with ‘acceptability’ can be called, ‘tough noogie habits’, or ‘I don’t give a shit reoccurring annoyances’ to more than the oblivious trees!  ‘Tough noogie’ means ‘I don’t give a shit’!  Call them ‘noogie knuckle heads’, or hopeless nerd-head ditzy brains but they are relentless at performing habits that defy common sense and etiquette.

As the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield use to say, ‘I get no respect’!  A priority for the ‘specimen of bad habits’ is to ignore what others have to say usually to scoffing it off as criticism that they claim to say is, ‘no one else ever says that’!  Never is it considered that most are not brave enough to tell the truth for fear of retribution.  I set up my free speech display on the Venice Boardwalk next to a very nice ‘unique man’ who quick painted with chalk a portrait likeness of whoever requested. He always spoke in ‘ebonics’, or hard to understand ‘hood talk’ until one day I approached him on his ‘speech habit’ that left most scratching their head with the ‘problem’.  He was ‘shocked’ (64 years old) and, said no one had ever mentioned it! He always thought that others just couldn’t hear him speaking too softly!  He thanked me for my courage to say something and, made changes in his speech …..for a few days only!

Many are bashful about calling people on their habits for fear of reaction. Most are ‘habit enablers’ or, on the other side, bad habit dwellers who seem oblivious to being obnoxious with their endless routines.  Many are addicted to bad habits that have serious potential impact on others such as with alcohol abuse, or even the less obvious of ‘gouging food to fatness’. Bad habit displays are endless from the wife who leaves a mess in the bathroom to the husband who rolls over to sleep, after ….or, forgetting about the correct position of the toilet seat!

Nasty habits, like cigarette smoking, are really more symptomatic of ignoring inner self developments from early years that relentlessly show up as many bad habits.  Quit smoking, and the smoking perpetrator inevitably will have a flood of other habits that defy ‘healthy behaviors’.  Many are ‘addicts of irritating behaviors’, and not just the obvious one or two.  Replacing bad habits with good ones doesn’t matter much if one lives alone in the woods, but this is a world of ‘giving sensitivity and compassion’ to others that we all live in. Take one bad habit at a time and replace it with a good one well enough that it becomes ‘forever’ , then work on the next one! Isn’t that called ‘being spiritual’ ….or, just thoughtful of others? Time to boogie past the ‘noogies’!


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