Medicated Euphoria

Medicated Euphoria
Caffeinate or Die by Tickled Pink(Julie)
April I, 2010
Sooner or later at least a glimpse of the world, free of all intoxicants and medicants, comes in like a bolt of lightening!  Wake up time comes unexpectedly from leading a life high on illusory stimulants from obsessions with fame or money to drugs, from cigarettes and pot to harder drugs, to religion with it’s illusions from ancient times, to ‘Big Pharma’ pills that circumvent the natural ways of alleviating discomforts healthily and safely.

It is the ‘unchecked nature’ of humans to run around with work, play, and every form of mischief while avoiding seeking their inner truth.  Like the squirrel who fritters away summer and fall time forgetting that winter comes sooner than anticipated, humans forget to pay attention to finding out who they really are apart from all the distractions.
To never get around to clearing up unresolved internal issues while avoiding them with things to hide them is like ignoring the termites while making the house pretty on the outside.

Anything that avoids nurturing the inner qualities while slurping on the many euphoric distractions always comes home to roost with avoidable memories that are often not pleasant. Those ‘traumas’ that arise with ‘different names’ create further havoc on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.  The is karma particularly when one lives with inflexible polarities.  Better to stay above the ‘frays’ that continue to mount as one forgets to live life with inner awareness.

Medicants come both disguised in the euphoria, or some quite obvious to the onlooker.  In this land of plenty for millions, the lures of desire usually come with hidden trap doors. Following the heart with as much wisdom as one can gather examining the direction for hidden pitfalls is to lead life in tune with nature and the real inner self.  The real freedom is within. The outer is always filled with rules for freedom. Be euphonic on air and the self, and life reaches a natural, higher, consistent ‘euphoria’. Take the ‘meditative-love euphoria road’ less traveled!


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