Entitlement Arrogance

Entitlement Arrogance
April 3, 2010
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall above us all, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! One doesn’t have to be Alice in Wonderland peeking through the looking glass to see the arrogance of the King until he should fall.  How many walk in arrogance huffing and puffing what they have or know?  Humpty Dumpty rides in all who feign importance for a position they don’t believe is really them but who they wish others to see them as.  Standing on top of a mountain of glory is but a passing moment that should not be carried into the valleys of the market place where no one can understand, ‘why the pride’, when but in a moment the wind stops the sails.

Success and beauty are as fleeting as the snow in the sunshine of Hollywood. Strutting on the walk of fame is to merely see the memories of the dead who appeared to be what they were not for all to see. Even those begging for food on the streets of the world often have a sense of being ‘owed to’ when humbleness would endear them to the compassion of those they seek help from. Sounds from the ground silently wait for those who walk above, and talk in deception of who they really are aside from what the covet to be seen as.  Those on high slowly sink to new heights that challenge the fading illusions of who they think they have ‘become’.

Life offers great beauty to those quiet enough to see the roses bloom in the winters of distress.  Life also swallows those riding high in the skies of deceit of perception to who they think they are. The earth recycles all but the eternal with non caring grabbing of all who are no less or more than equal to each other.  Those who seek what’s outside the self are left to shudder in the cold of time wondering where all the ‘goodies’ that they felt entitled to have gone.  Life cares not who you play to be as it waits for all to see the meaningless of each who feels the world is their ‘pearl in the oyster’ to give to the ‘me-me’s!

Humpty Dumpty’s all have a great fall.  Those who see who they really are, rise in spirit above all those destined for the fall.  Love holds all the gold one can take beyond all falls. Love rises and never falls to ashes. Love hides behind the illusions for it’s safe keeping to embrace those who see beyond the mists of illusion. It rains in heaven but the sun will come out for those who take the time to see and just be.


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