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March 31, 2010
Love is not always two ways, or even convenient.  There are many ways to open a heart that gets little attention. Does any heart, even the full one, not pine for more and more love? Is there a heart that is filled with love for life wanting no more?  Love comes in all styles and degrees. The love of two people is at the peak of love’s possibilities. Love may involve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s experience with another.

Love usually begins with a mother and baby in an unconditional way, particularly for the mother even though it’s ‘dependent love’.  As we reach into teen years and adulthood, two independents have the hopeful opportunity to experience ‘healthy two way love’ to the extent that both are willing, and perceivably able.  Things may have been thrown in the way of the growth of the open heart. A guarded heart is one that misses the freedom and joy that a balanced open heart enjoys. There are ways to open the suffering heart.

Other than many forms of meditation, one way is to allow loving another silently with no expectation of a visible return of the love.  There are no rules on who one can love, or how many. Of course, love for all is a mystical, magical, divine expression of a deep self love.  Love is not needy, but does yearn for it’s connection and resonance from another. If one can love one person, the doors of the heart open to many, but with discernment and sensitivity for oneself and any others.  Love at it’s peaks becomes ‘personal’, but should never close itself to a personal love for others be it ‘one way and silent’.

During the day pick out one or more that move your heart to open, and send energy (love) to them with no expectation of return.  They may be gone from your life forever, or may be someone you occasionally connect with but current circumstances are not, for any number of reasons, favorable to have a two way ‘free expression’.  Love one way, beyond the self, is healthier than none for self or anyone.  Silent unattached personal love of another is ‘free and healthy’.  Always find ways to open the heart even if it’s alone.  Self love will open you up and other’s will feel your projection that is from the ‘non expecting-giving heart’. The Doors of Love are always open and free – walk in!

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