Off Limits Communication

Off Limits Communication

Eternal Love by Naj ( Desired Hopes © ).
March 30, 2010
There are no limits to an open, healthy communication.  Open communication assumes ‘no double jeopardy’ involved which means when honest communication is exercised between one to another, there is always assumed to be the most positive response forthcoming.  In the courts of law, one can’t be tried for the same offense twice. In open communication there never is an offense. In an ‘on and off communication’ that serves one or the other to withhold information, there is ‘full jeopardy potential!

In high conscious partnering’s or marriages, two people endlessly merge with all emotion and information in harmony with each other. ‘Limited Partnerships’, as used in Wall St. lingo, mean in relationships that their are unspoken limits to certain information.  When two people agree that it’s best to withdraw certain information, at least there is a consensual agreement.  So called ‘understood limited communication’ is not sufficient communication for a harmonious connection. Couples frequently find themselves ‘dug into a hole’ of reluctant survival often kept in the ‘hole’ because of fear or the courage to
move in an upward direction.  Moving upward may upset a comfort level even if the best choice.

There are never ‘guilty parties’ in open communication. Agreeing to disagree compensates for the temptation to withhold information that the other should know. Full uninhibited love solves all communication problems. Fractures in ‘love connections’ are mendable but rarely fixed. Conditional love is the norm in all but a rare few in marriages and love affairs.  Maturing internally is to love the self and being able to manifest it with another.  Maturing in the ‘outer world’ has nothing to do with ‘internal maturation’.

Females in relationships have no reason to not communicate except when the other chooses to have a closet for secrets of the mind, body, and emotions. Likewise, males don’t either, but in reality hold the ‘lever to communication’ and usually choose not to ‘lay all the cards on the table’ due to failures of self love.  Success in relationships that are ‘standards for the human peaks of conscious relationships for the world to see’ are always ones in full communication and love.  ‘A failure to communicate’ just needs a ‘let go’ into full love.


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