God is NOT Love

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God in NOT Love
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March 30, 2010
God’s a concept, love a reality.  No love? Seek god or seek love?  A baby knows love, not god.  People by the billions go to their ‘churches’ to pray to god and not to pray for love. I’ve found more love and camaraderie in a good bar than in a church.  Love isn’t a fiction. Society pays more credence to god than to ‘real love’. God and love are just words to all but a few.  Of the two, love is the better to manifest. Those who have love, aren’t worried about a god. Those who cling to the concept of a god (or none) are most likely still looking for love.

Love needs no words while god needs old ‘knockoff’ words from men dead for thousands of years. Wars are fought in the name of a god or allah, and not for love. Love is gentle and peaceful.  In war, love, god and all concepts die to be replaced by the desire to survive. In a life of awareness the search is always for love, and more of it.  Truth be told, no one would rather look for a god over love.

Prayer is for affirmation of the positive.  Our places of ‘holy congregation’ are to support those selecting it as a career to feed themselves and their families (if allowed by a god to have them ie., Catholics).  Love is the answer.  People fight over their interpretation of ancient holy books that are all ‘knockoffs’ from other times and cultures. Who fights over personal love? No ‘religious leader’ be they Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish or whatever, teaches intimate love of another that they themselves walk. None. They claim to know to teach god because they’ve studied the scriptures of ancient man who likely never found love.

Women to survive healthily, need love – god won’t due, even if they are brainwashed to think so.  People who seriously meditate come to the realization that love is the major ingredient to a happy life. Love of any ‘messiah’ is like a masturbation of the mind looking for real love.  Men need love as much, but are better than women to find substitutes that amount to nothing more than avoiding love.

Next time you meet a person of ‘religion’, give them a 10 second hug and likely you’ll find they won’t reciprocate beyond 2 or 3 seconds, and a pat on the back!  What kind of love, god, or faith is that? Seek love within and what you will feel is love of self not god. Seek god and you’ll likely not find the love your heart wants. Seek love, find it, and concepts of a god won’t matter. Love is love – feel it and the words won’t matter!


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