Escape from Life

Existence 1 by Vincepal

March 26,2010
Is there a way out of where you are before you are ‘not’? Are you hunkered down short of what different circumstances would provide? Will changing the outer be an opportunity to change and modify the inner? People create ‘foxholes’ or traps that seem impossible to escape.  Is it better to stay stuck in a hole that is uncomfortable as it is,    but is security from the fears of escape?   Who’s benefitting from your existence?

Life is forgiving and that means for giving too! Forgive yourself, take the time necessary on the journey of forgiving into perhaps mountainous regions that you have incurred, and piled up through not paying attention and correcting the course of living more lovingly. Escape from the attachments of the past by looking at the habits that you have accumulated, and insist on keeping.  Deadening or avoiding the pain of the truth is counter productive. Emotional pain comes from inner resistance to embarking on a path that is unfamiliar.

Safety is standing still accepting the illusion of gain with no courage to move forward into greater inner heights.  Mistakes are an opportunity to examine why, and improve.  To remain in a fearful conservative existence is to give credence to mankind’s suffering of past millenniums including the probability of an endless line of parents who lived in a world where survival was much harder and shorter.  There has been no better time in history to examine and correct a path of living than at the moment.

I look around at people I’m familiar with and, with few exceptions, I see a maintenance of lives that they have reluctantly accepted with no juice pumped in, to light and stimulate the fire of creativity and warmth.  Somewhere near the opening of the escape hatch is ‘forgiving’ oneself for being attached to memories that block the climb out of the fox hole. Forgiving also means ‘for giving’.  Give bad habits away and make room for replacement good habits. Create new ones to replace the uncomfortable comfortable ones.  Good habits rise one into the light of seeing all that life has to give to one’s inner being.  Pump in new and fresh energy to experience increased love and awareness of the gifts of life that are always right here waiting for attention. Escape from the negative into the positive, outer and inner. Is the problem not seeing the solution and moving on?

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