Sex Change 4 U?

Sex Change 4 U? Just Let Go 7/365 by Anne Miranda. March 25, 2010
Love needs an open freedom of sex.  Suppress sex and love is suppressed. Love that doesn’t flow freely and deeply has behind it blocks in sexual energy. Allowing love to happen, sex will rise even if it remains in the shadows. ‘I love you’s’ should have deep meaning otherwise they become just gestures of friendship with no ‘backup meaning’. I love you’s should have visceral meaning beyond empty words.

Sex without love is filled with repressed fears. Stopping before an overwhelming feeling of love, is to hide repressed fears that might expose vulnerability. Sex without the vulnerability of love is no more than on the level of animals. Someone may fake it but fear is hidden in the energy and in that fear, energy is reversed to covered up anger.  Sex flows easily to love, and blocking it merely cloaks a volcano of negativity that will erupt when least expected.

Let the sexual energy flow naturally to the heart of love.  When the heart is left out people are merely using each other for masturbation.  Not that the use of each other is bad, it just doesn’t create a full flow of love and caring energy of compassion.  People are more than objects to satisfy ones primal urges which on that level merely hides a ‘using mind’ that blocks and suppresses all real concern for the other. Sex flowing uninhibited opens the channels of love.  Any resistance creates a conditional love void of any real commitment.

All but a few in life are left to finish out their life with obstructed love that began early on and, settles in as the ‘status quo’.  Meditation or a ‘sex change in looping patterns’ can happen at any age with a healthy, positive mindset.  Stuck sexual energy always manifests itself in a myriad of outward and inward effects. Anger, abuse, fears, self loathing and destructiveness are likely the result of suppressed sexuality which translates in an inability to be loving. Sexuality issues leave one on ‘crutches with love’.
Change the outer and inner ways of living with a strong sense of awareness.

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